microsoft epmap download free seUz MegaFiles

microsoft epmap download free seUz MegaFiles


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EndPoint Mapper. Usually on port 135. From here: Port 135 loc-srv/epmap Microsoft DCE Locator service aka. end-point mapper. It works like Sun RPC portmapper, …This article describes how to use Portqry.exe to troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange Server connectivity issues. You can use the Portqry.exe command-line utility to ...Port Microsoft When you look at an installation of Windows (especially server-versions of Windows), you will find a number of ports open. Several of these are well ...Port 135 loc-srv/epmap Microsoft DCE Locator service aka. end-point mapper. It works like Sun RPC portmapper, except that end-points can also be named pipes.I'm looking at securing a web server (Windows Server 2008). A GRC port scan recommended that I close down port 135 ( uses port 135 for the RPC end-point mapper (epmap), which is basically used as a "directory assistance" type service that allows network-aware processes to ...8/6/2009 · Typing the command firewall at the netsh advfirewall context changes to the Netsh AdvFirewall Firewall context, where you can view, create, and modify ...I was interested in what happens behind the scenes when a Domain Controller replicates to another, so I ran a packet capture to see what happens behind the scenes.Unter Windows Server® 2008 R2 können Sie mit dem Server-Manager Verwaltungsaufgaben auf Remotecomputern ausführen. Zur Remoteverwaltung eines …At a customer site recently, I needed a way to list all the Enabled Windows Firewall Inbound Rules. I could not get what I needed by using the Windows net
microsoft epmap

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